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Hot-Spots: "What comes after oil?"
HOT-SPOTS is a multi-national dialog and exploration of the past, present and future of oil, communicated through the medium of art and design. HOT-SPOTS has evolved into two primary formats: an international poster exchange between college students that will continue to evolve through 2010, and installations in abandoned gas stations to take place in the summer of 2010.

The poster combines important problems around the question: “What comes after oil?”.
By inserting snowcovered montains in the upper half and dried out desert soil in the lower half, it addresses climate change (especially the glacial recession). The black oil drops, that are falling from the sky, are showing the former handling with oil, in addition I reduced the saturation of the colours a lot, because it is meant to show a past state. The world is being squeezed out by a hand, on to which the spectator can project himself. The half-empty waterglass shows on the one side the dramatic aspect, in which the oil drop above is situated. On the other side it provokes through the contrast of the dry ground.